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Hi, I'm Beth Adams. I am excited that you are on my website, and I hope whether you are interested in Silent Soldiers, or you are looking for some business development help, you will find what you are looking for here. 

Beth Adams, CEO/Director

My love for video production started in High School working for a local news channel. I loved the fast pace and learning from every person I interviewed. I studied Mass Communication at Purdue University and got a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation ( I figured it would come in handy one day). I went on to get my Master's in International Broadcasting at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

When I came back, I married an Air Force guy. Being a military spouse means being flexible with your own career and finding unique ways to build your own profession. So I focused on two of the things I know best, business development and military family studies. I took what I knew from Entrepreneurship, and started my own business. At first I focused on my documentary, Silent Soldiers, but the business has since grown into helping start-ups and professors with their own marketing efforts. 

Large marketing agencies are often too expensive for start-ups and individual business owners. UpRooted wants to help those people-- because we believe small business is what makes communities prosper and grow. 

Why the name "UpRooted"?

It comes from my military background. Growing up in a military family then becoming a military spouse, I have frequently had my roots pulled up and replanted in new places... (17 times to be exact... and counting). I thought the name was fitting for two reasons; the obvious, that I aim to support military families through my Silent Soldiers project, and because I want to help start-ups grow and prosper no matter where they decide to plant their own roots. 

What is a military "Brat"?

A military "brat" is simply; a child that grows up in a military family. A lifestyle most frequently characterized by numerous relocations and other challenges and opportunities the military lifestyle presents. There is really no conclusive answer to why the term brat is used, but the best theory can be found here or in my short documentary, here.

*I include this definition because it is a term frequently referred to on this website.

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