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About Silent Soldiers

Silent Soldiers is an initiative started by UpRooted founder, Beth Adams. The mission of the project is to enlighten military families and surrounding communities about the developmental impacts of growing up in a military household. 

The project started with the Military Brat Blog in 2014. It was a cathartic way to recount the memories of being a "brat" and navigating adolescence while simultaneously being uprooted and moved about the country every one to two years. 

Beth later created the short documentary, Silent Soldiers, for a Master's dissertation. This project led to the goal to create a feature length documentary on the topic. 

Beth found a wealth of information from researchers, authors, and other "brats" wanting to share their stories. Since it couldn't all be used in the documentary, she formed the Silent Soldiers Podcast.


Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch; our hope is that you find the stories to be engaging and the information helpful. These are stories rarely shared and sometimes misunderstood. Thank you for your support of the project and please reach out with your comments and questions!

Silent Soldiers Podcast

A series of podcasts featuring interviews with researchers, authors, and military family members revealing information and unique stories from the "brat's" perspective. Subscribe for a weekly podcast.  

The Military Brat Blog

The Third Culture Kid (TCK) frequently builds connections to many different cultures, while not having full ownership of any..."

-Ruth Van Reken, Author of Third Culture Kids

The Documentary

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